Don’t Drag Hon Ayoola Adekunle Fatia into Legislatives Affair –CPS.

Videoing and Recording During Budget Presentation Not Enough To Hang Up Member – Legal Expert.

The political combat between  Hon. Seun Babalola Emmanuel  and  the Leader of the House Kehinde Arogundade  over the suspension has taken another  dimension, as many described the suspension as unconstitutional.

Meanwhile , Hon Ayoola Adekunle Fatia ,The Executive Chairman Ajeromi Local Government has denied the  involvement in the suspension of Hon. Seun Babalola Emmanuel representing Ward ‘D’   in Ajeromi Local Government .

The Executive Chairman has exonerated himself from the  legislative matters, Speaking through his Chief Press Secretary, Fakunle Sheriff  Ekundayo, He  said that ‘The Executive Chairman cannot be dragged into activities of the legislative arm in Ajeromi Local government ,Hence, whatever that was alleged to have transpired was clearly a legislative affair’.  

The suspension occurred on Monday, 17th of February, 2020,

The allegation leveled against Hon. Seun Babalola Emmanuel was that he  videoing  and at the same time recording  part of a speech delivered by the Leader, Kehinde Arogundade, during the 2020 Budget presentation by the council chairman, Fatai Ayoola, on Thursday, Feb 13, 2020, which brought the House into ill repute.

 While SALVO METRO contacted Hon Seun Babalola ally, he said that  the Hon. did not  denied the allegations leveled against him by the House,Hence the action of House to suspended him is unconstitutional.

The said video has been received by our media .

 The indefinite suspension of Hon.Seun  Babalola Emmanuel have  generated a lot of political distractions  amongst the elites in the constituency , Salvo learnt..

According to a Lawyer name (withheld)  said that the  suspension of Hon.Seun  Babalola Emmanuel is unconstitutional, Further said that ,Constitution did not restrict videoing or recording of the house activities on verbal alone, She buttress her view that the house can  make  law that the plenary should  not be recorded at that moment, through the leader of house ,but this is a Budget presentation ,therefore it should be aired .

Further explain that the  Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria does not restricted  videoing or recording activities of the house. Therefore advice Hon. Seun Babalola Emmanuel to approach court for clarification.

Another source who speak with SALVO said that videoing and recording part of a speech during the budget presentation should not led to the suspension of any member.

Presentation of Budget should be a public hearing, Where all arms of government, Regional leaders ,Traditional rulers, Dignitaries from the constituency are to be invited

The Budget should be published on community newspaper  for the community members to see and aware  about their annual budget, said the source.

One  Economist in Cardoso Mba area  described the suspension of  Hon.Seun Babalola representing WARD ‘D’ as lack of political understanding of the Honourables in the house ,call for more training and enlightenment on Budget presentation. She said further , if the Budget presentation is not published on Newspaper or on Electronic or Coverage  then the budget is just a mere proposal .

Videoing and recording of Leader speech during the Budget presentation should not be an offense to suspended a single member.

It shows that media/journalist are not involved during the budget  presentation, that is disastrous .

Meanwhile Alhali Maku Sheriff has call for better  governance instead of  stomach infrastructure.

The next line of action yet to be ascertained as all efforts to  reach out to the suspended Hon Seun Babalola Emmanuel proved abortive.

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