….Celestians Should Not Panic To Be in Imeko pilgrimage


As members of Celestial Church of Christ have started making their journey to Imeko city for annual  convention , A serious pleading had  gone  to  rice smugglers to desist from  using Celestial Church of Christ garment also know as sutana to consign felony or using  it to smuggle rice and others, This forewarning is necessary to avert  the warrant of God .

To smugglers , Don’t tarnish our image ,Use your normal cloth to perpetrates your evils act .

Salvo Editorial has checked the level of news and reports on the recent warning to the members of the fold concerning of smuggling  of rice and others , Recall, that the Nigeria Custom has meet with fold authority on the border partial closure by the  federal government .

The Imeko pilgrimage  convention  slated for 20th   to 25th December 2019 has commenced yesterday with different stage events.

Celestial Church of Christ Imeko pilgrimage   is a Jerusalem to all members, Where   individual to thank  God for his protection and also  use the medium to request for other things , So it imperative for every truth worshippers  to be there.

Imeko pilgrimage   is a venue where members tender their  spiritual supplications  before the God of Oshoffa

Examining the recent message on rice buying , Our editorial confirmed  that Celestains are not fright ,It’s the smugglers that using church garment to entrust all species of   reprehensible carnage that would panic, Celestains are going to Imeko to worship God and not for  total  trade per say.

It is clear that some traders will trade during the convention but the trading will be mainly on  fold  items such as Church oil,  incense ,perfume, sutana and others but not food stuff  like rice and other products that are against the border closure.

Salvo Editorial aware that , this is an avenue for some law breakers who will like to use the medium to perform the evil act of smuggling some products that against the border closure ,but to call to serve God members in the fold, they will not go against the law of the land and the law of the Pastor,EMF Oshoffa.

It is imperative , that the Elders of the fold must work closely with law enforcement agency  to protect the lmage of  Celestail Church of Christ (CCC) world wide.

Recall that,Where we have Christ followers ,satanic agents are all always present. May God guides us all.

Happy Imeko pilgrimage   2019

By Kunle Samuel .

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