…..Members calls for restriction and scrapping of some ranks.


The Celestial Church of Christ one of the “white garment” orthodox church in Nigeria, celebrated 70th years of her founding by tardy myth man of God, Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa. Today thousands of members have forcefully anointed themselves as Superior Evangelist who cannot define the rank in any status. The story of the rank in the ancient days is not the way it is today.

The research shows that 35 year olds are putting on the rank of Superior Evangelist compared with the olden days when hardly before a 60 year old could get that rank. But the question to ask every member of the fold and  the general public is that, does it really mean that when one has gotten the opportunity to establish a parish, then he should be anointed as “Superior Evangelist”?

It is clear that both qualified and unqualified members have seriously engaged in this, vying for the rank  .

During the investigation by this news media, it was gathered from old and young members of the fold , many express their mind that unwise and indiscipline  mistakes came from the heads of the fold irrespective of the splinter group, alleged that, many unqualified members have been promoted to the rank of Superior Evangelist rank without considering the facts attached to the  rank.

The same person said, look at the attitudes of the rudiment Superior Evangelist the way they presented themselves in the public, without enough knowledge to handle a small parish, he said go to many places  the way the precious rank has been given out to the members because they own “kid parishes”. Infact the investigation revealed that some are not even the owners of the parishes and they were given the rank because of their agitations and monetary gifts given to the Pastor’s. This  has generated a lot of controversies to extent that nobody can easily differentiate  between the vineyard Superior Evangelist and that of vogue Superior Evangelist in the house God.

Another source said , the blame should not be attributed to the leaders in the church alone but also to the members. Ranks in the house of God should not be an ultimate to worship God, but should be based on strength of mind working in the life of the members who are deemed fit to be in such positions.

There must be a critetia for given out the rank. Ownership of a parish does not mean you are qualified to get the rank, but today both “Rat and Cat” are Superior Evangelist in the fold without a trace of leadership.

The so called Pastors and the management are the main problem of our ranking in the fold. Refer to 1980’s to 1990’s Honorary Evangelist H/E ( Yellow Regalia ), Honorary Senior Evangelist H/S/E (Green Regalia)  Senior Evangelist S/E( Blue Regalia) and  Superior Evangelist rank, are  reputed ranks in the fold to be respected and all the Regalia’s have spiritual meaning , not just for fashion but for spiritual work like the days of Prophet Elijah.

But today barely and fright to see male members on Honorary Evangelist H/E ( Yellow Regalia ), Honorary Senior Evangelist HSE (Green Regalia)  Senior Evangelist S/E (Blue) Regalia because they want people to see them as Superior in ranking which is very puerile. Meet hundreds of them and ask of the meaning of ‘Superior rank ‘ they cannot define it but using such rank  to deceive, lie, manipulate and commit canal promotion to their own image in the public. More so thousands of them lack knowledge of the basic doctrine of the fold and few if any leadership technique.

What is the way forward? Yes, the authority has the power to retrieve the frivolous ranks. It happened during the Late Supreme head Alexander Abiodun Bada because during  Baba Bada’s time, discipline was seriously entrenched and  installed. During his( Baba Bada) period, he deemed it fit to do away with the quack Superior Evangelists. Infact you cannot get it if you do not work for it and be knowledgeable enough, way forward is to bring sanity , discipline and inaugurate a taskforce or monitoring group or create a department that will be handling the issue of discipline/ dispute and conflict settlement and once it happens action must follow.

The administration of the fold needs  to work smoothly on the toying with the rank of Superior Evangelist in the fold. Many blame the International Headquarters for being deficient in controlling the rank.

Now the fold has introduced “Venerable rank” and  before you know it, this precious rank will be mismanaged, so it is better the Superior rank introduced by the founder should be redeemed ,sanitized, restructured and discipline should be applied where it is necessary.

Recently ,A shepherd  name withheld , A Superior Evangelist engaged in fisticuffs with his member after service and blood came out from the member. Today the shepherd is still claiming Superior , no single disciplinary action was applied by the leader of the fold, tomorrow the same shepherd will apply for venerable rank and he will be given to him. It’s a worrisome development as the whole system is quiescent of disorderliness.

Another issue bothering members of the fold is the “MPIC’ appointment, Though some members said they are not regarded. The appointment as be spongy  of politics , once you have money or cash to show off ,the management does not want to know your years in the fold, the next thing is to “dash” the appointment of MPIC to you.  MPIC appointment is a distinguished position in Celestial Church of Christ for the experienced, knowledgeable fellow with leadership instinct and with public legacy and others. Today, MPIC appointments has turned to rubish. Many does not have what it takes to handle issue or management role, but they claim to be MPIC members.

True members who knows what the in-depth of the fold said many errors are file on the sanctuary but no body is ready to amend them. To us we know those who are deemed fit to be called “Superior Evangelist” and MPIC members , and also ,doctrine and worship is our agreement with God ,other things  are irrelevant and they should not make a flight in our corridor.

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