Many Lagoscians are seriously worried about the poor stage of dirty environment in the state as the waste management  are not proactive enough , therefore call on government restructure the management .

Mosquito infestation is not new or strange to Lagosians, particularly those living in slums and upland of the coastal city, notorious for uncleared drainages and filthy environment.

Malarial attacks have become the common and frequent health complaints by residents, no thanks to ever fresh supply of the plasmodium-vectors bred continuously from uncleared drains and mounting heaps of rotten wastes dotting the landscape everywhere.

According to Mr. Adeleke Adebanjo, President of Music Label Owners Association of Nigeria posted  on the social media said,

“ Fashola, as governor of Lagos State, was good at road construction and excellent in waste management and environmental upkeep. Ambode is very good at road construction but very poor in waste management. Lagos is just too dirty now but we can massive construction everywhere. Each governor has his priority area.”

Adekele said “ Lagos traffic needs new management formula. Man hours lost to traffic jam, if valued, may not be less than N20b every month. This is a gross negative to our gross domestic product. A serious state or nation cannot overlook such a loss. Ambode needs a new traffic management outfit, not in d mould of money conscious LASTMA. We need a Saviour.” Twitted


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