Interestingly , It  has been known-fully  that many political parties in Nigeria played  politics without considering the magnitude  of  imposing candidate  on  their supporters  despite staging primaries in their different party..

Today, the country’s Elections, have been by rampaged massively by inconclusive elections.

The Independent National Electoral Commission’( INEC)  turtleneck has been subjected to the  genesis of the inability of  party candidate to win successfully without riggings or manipulations by both sides.

When party display their constitutions for primaries  where eligible party members contested for the primaries  and one candidate out of all  candidates successfully emerged winner during the primaries and  for him or her to compete with other political party aspirants, he or She will be disqualified by the party leadership in the name of power of supremacy  despite the fact that he passed through all necessaries requirements.

It will not surprised that even though such candidate accepted party verdict because of his political career  he or she can only bear such, but the loyalist will never accepts  and that will led to isolation and many will prefer to join other or vote against the anointed candidate .

Today many party candidates are veto to contest with other party aspirants, by the influential party leaders because of the power of supremacy.

The merit and the famous among the electorates have been deprived while power has been given to the back door candidates.

No doubt about that but considering the destiny of  life, we all know and have heard about  the Biblical story  of ( Mordecai and Haman)  but at  the end of the race, God who owns destiny rescue the destiny of Mordecai from Haman despite the power of supremacy of politics.

An example is In Imo state, Okorocha and his son inlaw, Ogun Amosun Ibikunle and Osoba,  Lagos state is numerous to mention ,Taraba the same game , River Ameachi and his party members, Oyo states is not left out, led by the incumbent  Governor who lost the senatorial seat where he contested for (shame). To mention few.

Many have  face the same changeling that does not allowing  their anointed  candidates to have free mind of wining or have hope of winning the post  they have contested for because such power of supremacy has divorce the party loyalist to defect to one another political party or silently votes against the party candidate because  of imposition.

Politic is a game , Not ‘Do or Die’ affairs, considering the  huge resource ‘The Independent National Electoral Commission’ has wasted.

Political leaders are the main cause of most inconclusive elections because their anointed candidate who have eventually disappointed them hoping to use all manner to emerge.

If Party primaries result are used accordingly , today  the inconclusive election may not be at a high rate , 

Salvo Newspaper ( Editorial  )


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