Water hovering on the road  caused by leakage of  tube.

The deplorable road in Cardoso area is  deteriorating  more as a  result of the leakage of water tube that dole out to the end users which had busted for  months without the intervention of any government.

This unbearable incident is in between Chidi Bus Stop and School bus stop.

The dreadful and horrible road which yet to be rehabilitated by the Lagos State Government , has caused many of the road users a lot of constant worry.

 Late last year,  Executive Governor of Lagos state ,Mr. Sanwo Olu Babajide ordered  all Local Government in the state to rehabilitate some of their roads, Only Cardoso Mba road was not duly adhered to by AJIF  local government.

Though, the last visit to the road by the Executive Chairman of Ajeromi Local Government ,Hon. Ayoola Adekunle Fatia ,claimed that the road project belongs to the Lagos state government.

Meanwhile the materials deposited on road for the rehabilitation for the past one month still on the ground untouched, this has gives birth to the distasteful road.

The spotted road where the materials yet to be leveled or touched are  General Hospital and the Magistrate court bus stop , School Bus Stop, Chidi Bus stop and many others.

Mba –Cardoso road  is dreadful compare to others local government in the state.

Salvo Metro investigated the caused of the water floating  on the spotted road ,It was gathered that a tube convening water to the end users has  busted for the past one month without no repairs

The tube laid underground busted, hence gives room for the water to be floating on the spotted road, making it very difficult for the motorist except the truck drivers to pass by.

 Lagos state water corporation therefore urge to do the needful.

 It is pertinent for the concern  authorities  to  act fast  to save the road users and that of the people using and drinking from the water .

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