……Demand One Hundred Million Naira (100,000,000) As Damages.

A Lagos based young lawyer Fatai Adekoya Adebanjo (for himself and on behalf of some peacefully protesting youths of Epe) instituted a Fundamental Human Rights Action against the Epe Local Government and two others for the infringement of his Fundamental Rights and that of the youths of Epe who were peacefully protesting against the obnoxious daily ticket levy imposed on motorcycle and tricycle riders in Epe, which affected the fare of of transportation in this area of Lagos.

Fatai Adekoya Adebanjo being the Applicant asked the court among others to declare void and unconstitutional the beaten, humiliation, harassment and detention melted on him and other peaceful protesters while they were peacefully protesting on the street of Epe on a matter of national importance.

He further asked the court among others to order the Respondents to jointly and severally pay the Applicant the sum of 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million Naira as general damages for the Inhumane and degrading treatment melted on him and others, 5,000,000 as exemplary damages and 500,000 as litigation fee.

In his Affidavit in support of the Application, the Young Lawyer asserted that the 3rd Respondent is a creation of the Epe Local Government, using the Local Government Funds to pay salary to the 3rd Respondent, hence this action.

He further stated in his affidavit that he had written a letter to the Chairman of the Local Government requesting for the attention of the Chairman on the said infraction, but they turned deaf ears to his request, leaving him to continue suffering the emotional torture.

The Young Lawyer disclosed that the Respondents would be served with the court process and he awaits their response as they have limited time to respond to the action. He further stated that when the court has fixed a date for trial, he would notify the public.

“It is important to reiterate that that in a community guided by law, such constitutional infraction should not be allowed to die naturally unchallenged in a court of competent jurisdiction so as to avert the reoccurrence of such in Epe to any bonafide indigene or residence of Epe”.

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