Eshanekpe Israel, a.k.a Akpodoro

The Educational Deprived Children Foundation, EDCF, has vowed to turn around the fortunes of the out of children in Nigeria noting that no nation development without human capacity with western education as the bedrock of developments all over the world. 

Educational Deprived Children Foundation is an Non Governmental Organisation, Registered in Nigeria with affiliate organisations in diaspora.

According to the  Chairman, Eshanekpe Israel, a.k.a Akpodoro said the aim of the organisation was to ensure that it reduces the number of out of school children in the country stating that he was bothered by the pace parents relinquish their duty of training and empowering their children and using the as child labour. 

EDCF, has come to stay in the country to support the desire of the Fedeal Government to educate Nigerian children for a stronger and more reliable nation said , Akpodoro

The Foundation, the Chairman stated is made peopled by seasoned professionals and passionate Nigerians with foreign partners who have the interest of the indigent children of Nigeria at heart. 

The Foundation says it has pulled resources together to ensure that it lifts out Nigerian children from the scourge of illiteracy occasioned by poverty ravaging the socio-economic landscape of the country. 

It intends to fund genuinely indigent children identified by the panel set up by the Foundation from primary to university and this the Chairman said shall be achieved through random selection across the six geo-political divides in the country without preference for any region. 

According to the Foundation, equality in the selection process of the scholarship shall be prioritised to ensure that all Nigerian children  irrespective of where they come from enjoy the benefits of the gesture noting the President was touched by the rising cases of mass illiteracy in the country adding that, with proper education, Nigerian youths will turn away from crimes and criminalities. 

The Chairman further explained that the foundation has opened talk with the United Nations Children’s Fund, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisations, UNESCO…for the purpose of achieving the goal of getting Nigerian children out of stack illiteracy. 

“We must reduce the level of illiteracy in our country. We owe it a duty to this generation to ensure we remove reasonable number of Nigerian children from the streets and domestic slavery. This, we must achieve using every available resources at our disposal as we call on well meaning Nigerians, governments and organisations, the – world over, to join hands with us to educate the Nigrian child.” Akpodoro stated.  

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